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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018 10:01AM PST

“No Data Available” Troubleshooting

I’ve you’re here, you’ve probably been told your Neurio has “No Data Available.” Neurio uses WiFi to connect to the internet and Neurio’s cloud. Changes to your home’s WiFi network are the most common causes of this error.

Follow the steps below to diagnose the problem. If your wifi network has not changed, please go to the bottom of the page.

Step 1:

Are you setting Neurio up for the first time?

If your Neurio has never been connected to the internet before, refer to our welcome guide.

Step 2:

Have you recently:
  • Changed your internet provider?

  • Changed your modem or router?

  • Changed your WiFi password?

  • Changed the name of your WiFi network’s name?

If so, your WiFi network settings have probably changed and Neurio needs to be re-connected.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Turn the breaker that Neurio is connected to off and on again.  You will hear Neurio play a short chime.

2. Using a Smartphone or Laptop, join the "Neurio" WiFi network.  If you don't see the "Neurio" network, repeat step #1 again.

**Don’t navigate away from this page if you’re reading it on the same device. The device you use will lose internet connection via WiFi when you connect to Neurio’s local network.

3. Once connected to the "Neurio" network, open a new web browser window and go to "".  This will take you to the Neurio configuration page.  If it doesn't, just type "" into the address bar and hit enter.

4.  Follow the instructions on the web page to complete the setup.  Neurio will then play one long chime to let you know it has joined your network.

5. You will now receive an email from Neurio.  Click on the link within the email to complete the account setup process.

Step 3:

If your network settings haven’t changed, your WiFI signal may not be strong enough to reach Neurio at your circuit breaker.

Check your network strength at your circuit breaker.

  1. Inside the Neurio app, check your history graphs for gaps. Gaps are typically caused by a weak signal.

  2. Use another device (ie. laptop, cell-phone) to check your network connection near the breaker.

If your Neurio is reporting that the wireless signal is less than 2 bars, ensure that the antenna and all other cables are solidly connected to your Neurio. Also ensure your antenna is outside of your panel (using the provided antenna mounts). If that doesn’t help, use another wireless device such as your smartphone next to your Neurio and see if it reports similar signal strength at that same distance.

If using your smartphone you can verify that the wireless signal is in fact weak (less than 2 bars), it is recommended to use signal range extenders to improve the signal strength. One example is Netgear WN2000RPTv2 (and TP-LINK TL-WR702N).

Step 4:

If you’re still having no luck, you can email our support team here. Please include your Neurio account email, along with who installed your Neurio.

No Wifi Changes:

If you are using the mobile app, please try logging in and out of your account. Otherwise please contact our support team here.


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