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Verify sensor readings / correct phases

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2018 03:19PM PST

QUESTION: Is there any way to verify that my sensor readings make sense, especially that I've matched the right phases on the CTs versus the voltage wires?

ANSWER (this is written for a 2-phase / split-phase home):

To verify that both phases are connected:

  1. Open Neurio Sensor's admin page (*see instructions below).

  2. Go to the Sensor Reading page and to see live readings from individual channels.

  3. Turn on your Oven and see if values from both phases increase. That indicates you've got both phases connected.

  4. If you see negative Power (W) values your CTs may be inverted.

  • This can be fixed in Neurio's configuration! This easiest way to do this is to access Neurio's admin page (*see instructions below), and click the "Connect to home WiFi" button again. This will re-save neurio's top-level sensor configuration (e.g. 2-phase, no solar) and initiate automatic CT polarity checking again, which should correct the issue. (Note that you don't have to proceed with the WiFi scan and join process if neurio is already connected to your network.).

  • If the auto configuration does not fix the error you can either physically flip your CTs in the panel, OR click on Sensor Settings, click on Advanced, check the Invert box for the appropriate CT and click SAVE.


To verify there is no phase mis-match between voltage connections and current sensors (CTs):

  1. Find a 60 or 100 Watts light bulb in your home; make sure you know its wattage

  2. Turn it on and watch Neurio's real-time graph

  3. If the change in graph is within 90% of the wattage on the bulb, you are good to go! Otherwise, switch the CT connections on Neurio and try this again to see if you get the correct value.

To connect to Neurio Sensor's admin page, you have two ways:

  • Method A: Connect to your Neurio sensor using its local IP address. You may find that through your router's admin page (check your routers device list for Neurio's local IP).

  • Method B: If you can't find the local IP address, restart Neurio by flipping the breaker it's connected to, and then connect to Neurio's Wifi when it boots up. Visit (or Note that you'll have a minute after you reboot Neurio before it connects back to your home Wifi.

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