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What can I do with the Appliance Detection feature?

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018 09:37AM PST

On its own, Appliance Detection provides some useful information like when an appliance is on, when it was last used and how much energy it consumes.

How to use Appliance Detection:

1. Open the app and turn off as many devices in your home to get it nice and quiet. Don’t worry, you can leave the lights on!

2. On the Appliance tab, find or add the appliance you’d like Neurio to detect, and open the appliance page. For now, Neurio supports a limited set of appliances.

3. Make sure Training Mode is on, and turn on the appliance.

4. Wait for Neurio to detect the event, and click the thumbs up to confirm the event.

5. Add more appliances by going back to the main appliance tab.

6. If you would like to detect an appliance that has multiple settings such as a dryer, try out the setting your use most, e.g. Normal cycle. You can also try training multiple settings in the same appliance.

7. Once you have some appliances added, click on the Event tab to see all appliance events. If you notice an event isn’t quite right, like if Neurio misidentifies something, just correct it by clicking the thumbs down.

The more you do this, the smarter Neurio gets.
In addition to the first 8 major appliances, we have made an "Other" appliance type, allowing you to start tracking your remaining devices which are 400 watts or higher. Please note we still don't support every appliance and you may not be able to detect smaller appliances yet.

This is a powerful way to bring non-connected devices to life and provide added peace of mind and comfort.


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