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How can Neurio help me save money on utilities?

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2015 03:29PM PST
Good question!  First things first, you can't change what you don't measure.  At a very basic level, Neurio helps create the type of awareness and information about energy consumption that's surprisingly absent in our homes.  To be more specific, let us share a few ideas on how Neurio can help you save on your utilities.

1) Understanding your Always On appliances (a.k.a., the baseload)
We all have a baseload.  This means that some portion of our loads are constantly on 24/7.

Let's say you have a 100 watt light somewhere that's left on all the time, or an electronic device that uses 100 watts of phantom load.  In 24 hours, that's 2.4 kWh of energy wasted!  To put that into perspective, the typical North American home uses 33 kWh of energy a day.  So that 100 watt addition to your baseload is pretty significant.

Neurio can show you your Always On usage so that you can determine if it’s higher than the average for your region.  Then you can watch Neurio’s real time data as you walk around your home, turning off and unplugging things to find out what’s contributing to your baseload.

2) Appliance costs
Another way Neurio can help you save on your utilities is by breaking down your home’s energy usage in terms of appliances.  This can help you figure out how often to use appliances and if a device needs to be fixed or changed.  For example, the average coffee maker consumes around 800 watts.  If you notice that your coffee maker is consuming 1600 watts, this could be a good indicator that there is something wrong.

3) Monitoring your home 
Neurio can help ensure that all your appliances are off before you go to bed or leave the house.  One look at your app and you can tell if something’s been left on because you know what your power use is when your home is at rest.  You can also take a look at recent events and see if any appliance is still running.

4) Automation
You can use Neurio to help automate your home.  For example, you could get Neurio to adjust your smart thermostat when you leave your home in order to help save energy.

5) Help from the Neurio community

Lastly, when you start looking at your home's energy consumption breakdown, you'll have a chance to discuss it with the rest of the Neurio community and share your experiences and insights on how to save on utilities.

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